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Play around with some pretty, golden stripe details at your preppy and posh wedding! From the cake to the dress a bit of these simple accents can infuse personality and youthful charm. Add some funk and jazz up the stripes by using chevron details, with some sparkle you’ll add festive spirits to your formal affair.

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Here are five ideas for your dress after “I do”. You can preserve it. But remember: preserve your dress asap. Stains get harder and harder to lift as time passes. Donate it to a good cause. Brides Across America offers free dresses to military brides who can’t afford a dress of their own.

James R. Bernard is going to visit Los Angeles this spring

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Do you love secrets? We know you do. They are mysterious and always help us solve our own problems. In this case we know that the problem is obtaining a one of a kind bridal image that will amaze your groom and that will impress your wedding attendants.